The era of data-driven strategies has arrived. Big data analytics tools are enabling organizations to capture, manage and mine mountains of raw, chaotic data from multiple sources to gain insights that inform and develop successful strategies. The challenge is that not all big data insights are relevant and drive fundraising. To be truly successful with big data adoption, it must be focused on fundraising.

At TDA Insights we find new and better ways to transform big data into actionable data and actionable data into … More Donors and Dollars.


Many organizations use data to support their decisions instead of driving their strategies. But why? After all, data is really only valuable if you can translate it into actionable insights. Gaining these insights starts with figuring out what you want from your data — finding its value.

At TDA Insights we talk about the questions you should ask regarding the context, need, vision and outcome of your data, and we offer a helpful framework for turning that into Data Driven Strategies.



The client needed to expand its donor base attracting new donors via acquisition and build long-term relationships to support their cause.


Acquire new donors, with TDA Insights Data Driven Strategies, that would match the profile of the desired donor.


The new program was a success for the client yielding: 54% lift in response rate over the current donor base, and acquired 7,500 new donors in six months. The new donors will continue to be cultivated with the help of TDA Insights to build long-term relationships.


The TDA Insights-driven program was a success for the client yielding: a 54% lift in response rate over the current donor base.